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Some of our coffees:

  • Colombia Narino Finca La Piedra

  • Temptation blend – ORGANIC

    9.35 or subscribe and save 6%
  • Nina

    8.3029.00 or subscribe and save 6%
  • Smooth Blend Coffee

    8.3029.00 or subscribe and save 6%

Who we are

Born into Europe’s oldest coffee culture, Hungary was the first in Europe to be introduced to coffee due to the Turkish occupation in the 16th Century.


Georgia was totally immersed into the world of coffee, learning from a young age the things that made a coffee great. Drinking cups of fabulous coffee certainly helped Georgia study and pursue a successful career in Architecture, but her love for coffee took over her as her passion for it kept growing.

Our name – “Art Of Coffee”, comes from our strong connection to art. The founders, Georgia and Gabor are talented architects, and Gerry, our coffee roaster who joined us later, is a truly gifted artist who shares our vision for all things coffee.

Our Coffee Roastery

We began our coffee roastery in 2010, with a dedicated cafe called – Cafe Lounge. The exciting part was that all the coffees that we served there were roasted on the spot. The smell of roasting coffee often filled up the cafe, making it an aromatic experience. Green beans were stored in jute bags and hidden between tables and chairs, so that they don’t lose their amazing flavour.

Today, we have a state-of-the-art coffee roastery, with Probat roasters, destoners, air filters and all the machinery you need to roast coffee to perfection every single time while minimizing the impact we make on the environment.

We do our best to source high quality and specialty-grade green coffee as close as possible to the origin – which is directly from farmers due to our good connections in the continent straight from Europe’s main ports. Once the green coffee lands in Europe, it is delivered straight to us, cutting out the unnecessary steps in the supply chain. This ultimately means that we can provide a better service at a lower price for our customers.

How we roast our coffee

In general, we roast medium, or full city. We roast our coffees to highlight their original characteristics and rich flavour without burning it. The coffee is roasted slowly, to develop its flavour and let its body deepen so that the acidity is preserved just enough to give a nice smooth, deep coffee flavour.

This is the way we like our coffee and we’d love for you to try it out and let us know how much you loved it too.

Choose a coffee from our coffee selection (and maybe a few accessories ;)) and we’ll make sure you get the best coffee, freshly roasted, and delivered quickly too!

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