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Who we are

Our name – Art Of Coffee – relates to our strong connection with art. The founders – Georgia and Gabor are Architects and Gerry – our roaster who joined us later – is a gifted artist.

We love coffee, not just its fabulous taste but everything about it, its history, cultivation, processing, grading, roasting, blending and preparing the final drink. Based in the North-West of Ireland – where coffee plant cannot survive – we got deep into the processes that can be done here: roasting coffee and preparing the final coffee drinks.

Our Coffee Roastery

Our coffee roastery started in 2010 with our café – Café Lounge. All the coffees we served there were roasted on the spot. The smoke of roasting coffee often filled up the café, and green beans in jute bags were trying to hide between tables and chairs. As our freshly roasted coffees became more and more popular roasting in our café became difficult and we created our coffee roastery and our brand Art Of Coffee.

How we roast our coffee

In general, we roast medium (or full city). We are roasting our coffees to highlight their original characters without burning it. The coffee is roasted slow enough to develop its flavours and let its body deepen and reducing its acidity just enough to give a nice smooth, deep coffee flavour. This is the way we like our coffee and we think you’d like that too.
Choose a coffee from our coffee selection (and maybe a few accessories) and we’ll make sure you’ll get the best coffee, freshly roasted, quickly delivered.

Our Latest Blog Posts

Choosing brewing equipment

Choosing brewing equipment

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We are still in Operation

As it stands, we are still in operation. Roasting coffee, and delivering as usual. We have reduced staff working in the roastery, but we'll do our best to ship all orders placed before 11am on the same day. Our green coffee storage is well stocked. The coffee brewing accessories are in high demand, but stock is arriving on a weekly basis.

There's a massive interest for Sage Espresso machines. We are trying to fulfill all orders as quick as possible but due to reduced workforce all over the supply chain there are delays.

We have a next day delivery service with courier companies, but as all of them are overwhelmed, your order might be delayed a day. If you have any concern just contact us and we'll track your order.

We are in regular contact with the HSE, following all their guidelines. We have a very strict hygiene routine, and working in protective gear.

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