Coffee – Questions and Answers

What is coffee?

Coffee is an evergreen fruitbearing tree growing around the equator. Just the seeds of the ripe coffee cherries are used. The pulp of the cherry is removed, the seeds – green beans are cleaned and dried. The processed green beans are stored and shipped around the world in natural juta bags. The flavour and the colour develop during roasting. The coffee beans are ground and ready to be brewed.

Why are there so many coffees? Coffee is coffee, no?

Similar to wine, the taste of coffees differ from region to region and depend a lot on the processing. The weather, the altitude and the soil also have major contribution to the flavours of the coffee. For example, coffees from the Americas usually have a clean flavour with light to medium body, and coffees from Indonesia are earthy, heavy bodied while coffees growing on higher altitudes are more complex, pleasant tasting than the coffees from lower altitudes.

What is green coffee?

The cleaned and dried seed of the coffee cherry which is ready for roasting is called green coffee. Green coffee smells similar to barley, it’s very hard, and its taste is nothing like roasted coffee, it is very unpleasant.

What does ‘the body’ of coffee mean?

The sensation of heaviness in your mouth. To the extremes, water has no body, oil has a very heavy body. This is the sensation that can be translated as strength of the coffee for many. As the caffeine content is nearly the same for our coffees, this does not contribute heavily to the flavour of coffee.

What is the acidity in coffee?

Coffee is quite sour which is reduced during roasting. This sour flavour called fruitiness and acidity. Light roasted coffee is very sour, it has high acidity, darker roast coffee has lower acidity.

What is Arabica and robusta coffee?

There are two major coffee plant: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica coffee is more aromatic, has lower caffeine, grows at higher altitude and more sensitive plant. Robusta is much less aromatic, has higher caffeine content and much easier to cultivate than Arabica.

Do you have both Arabica and Robusta coffee?

No, we only have Arabica coffee. We all love the fantastic taste of coffee, we haven’t come across any Robusta coffee yet that could catch our attention.

Does it matter if coffee is roasted fresh or old?

Yes. Roasted coffee is gradually loosing its aroma over time until a point when it taste like dust. Coffee is full of aromas right after roasting, about 1 week later it will have a very well rounded, full flavour, after a few weeks the aromas starting to flatten. If the coffee is kept away from oxygen and light it will be very tasty till about 8-10 months.

How can I keep my coffee fresh/preserve its flavour?

Our package is designed to keep coffee fresh. The one-way valve lets the CO2 out of the package but prevents oxygen to enter. Coffee releasing CO2, this prevent oxygen to enter the coffee beans. Oxygen causes coffee’s the oil content became rancid. Our best advice is to keep the coffee in its packaging and keep it in a cupboard away from spices. Coffee can absorb flavour and smell very well.

Shall I keep my coffee in the fridge or freezer?

No. Coffee will absorb the smell and flavour of your fridge/freezer, and it will be present in your cup. When the coffee is removed from the fridge/freezer and its bag is opened due to condensation a thin layer of water will deposit on the coffee. This will degrade the taste of your coffee.

I don’t have a grinder, can you grind the coffee for me?

Yes. Different brewing methods need different grind. Please choose your brewing method when selecting your coffee. We will grind the coffee accordingly.

I want to try your coffee, but I don’t know anything about coffee, which coffee shall I start with?

Our most popular coffee is the Lounge blend. This is a versatile coffee, enjoyed both by seasoned coffee lovers and those who started to discover the world of coffee.

When was the coffee roasted I’ve just bought?

We keep small amount of coffee in store, we aim to send coffee roasted just a few days before, but some of the less popular coffees like decaffeinated can be maximum 2 weeks old.

How long does it take to get my order?

It will be shipped within 2 business days. Order before 11am and if we’ll try to ship it the same day. Coffee ordered on Friday will be shipped on Monday.