Brewista Hourglass Brewer

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Brewista’s revolutionary redesign of the classic hourglass brewer works with virtually any style paper filter.

The patent pending vent tube and ribbed interior prevent the vacuum which leads to overflow during the bloom.

The ribs also keep filters from sticking when wet, so removing grounds is simple and neat.

An innovative dual spout design provides smooth serving without splashing.

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Tempered borosilicate glass.

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Brewista hourglass coffee brewer user guide How to use:

  • place any style paper filter onto the top
  • prepare about 100 ml / cup hot water
  • pour hot water into the brewer to wet the paper filter and warm up the glass brewer
  • pour out the water
  • place about 7 g medium course ground coffee / cup into the filter
  • slowly pour just enough hot (not boiling, ideally 92 Celsius) water to saturate the ground coffee
  • wait about 30 seconds to the “bloom” to be over
  • pour the rest of the hot water in circular motion onto the coffee (pace yourself to complete pouring at around 3:30.)
  • remove the filter
  • coffee is ready to be poured into your cup.

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