Capsul’in empty capsules

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This Nespresso® compatible capsules gives you the freedom to use any coffee you like.

How to use:

Get your favourite coffee ground for espresso and with the capsule holder provided fill the capsules with the coffee. Tamper gently, and stick the aluminium foil on top. Insert the capsule into the Nespresso®’s brew chamber.

Preparing the capsules only take 10 seconds, just the time for the Nespresso® machine needs to warm up!

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Fast and simple:  fill Capsul’in® with the ground espresso coffee of your choice, tamp lightly, apply the adhesive foil seal, and then insert the capsule into the Nespresso®’s brew chamber.

When the capsule containing your favorite coffee is sealed, you would get the freshest coffee ever!
In 10 seconds your capsule is ready; just the time for the Nespresso® machine to warm up!

You can also use the smart Capsul’in® capsule holder which makes the filling process even easier and faster.


With Capsul’in®, you pay for what you get : coffee.

By having the possibility to choose your coffee, you also decide on the final price of your coffee capsule.

So, not only are you supporting your local coffee roaster/coffee retailer but, without compromising on quality, you will be able to save a lot of money.

Capsul’in® is compatible with all Nespresso®machines including the Pixie, the new Maestria and the new Nespresso U®.


This is the real secret for an exceptional espresso coffee. And for the freshest coffee in capsule, Capsul’in® is the solution.

The combination of the fresh-roasted and fresh ground coffee from coffee roasters with the convenience of the Nespresso® machine is fantastic.


Buying your espresso coffee at your local coffee roaster/coffee retailer store give you access to a large variety of coffee. You can buy your favourite blend, exclusive single-origin, fair trade or organic coffee.

Capsul’in® will transform your Nespresso® machine into an Espresso machine!


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