Filter coffee brewer with filter

35.00 incl. VAT

650 ml, 2-4 cups

Glass filter coffee brewer with stainless steel filter and measuring spoon.

No need for paper filter.

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How to use:

  • prepare about 100 ml / cup hot water
  • pour some hot water into the brewer to warm up the glass brewer
  • pour out the water
  • place about 7 g medium course ground coffee / cup into the filter
  • slowly pour just enough hot (not boiling, ideally 92 Celsius) water to saturate the ground coffee
  • wait about 30 seconds to the “bloom” to be over
  • pour the rest of the hot water in circular motion onto the coffee (pace yourself to complete pouring at around 3:30.)
  • coffee is ready to be poured into your cup.


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