HARIO V60 Server 600ml clear


Coffee server made of heat resistant glass.

Size 02: 600 ml, 2-4 cups

Compatible with HARIO V60 series

With glass lid, which can be used as a rest for the dripper.

Microwave and dishwasher safe

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Made entirely of durable heat-resistant Japanese glass.

It has been additionally equipped with a glass lid coated with silicone, which allows your ready infusion to remain hot for a long time. It is entirely compatible with all products in Hario V60 series, especially recommended with the V60 Drippers from Hario.

Microwave safe with or without the lid.

Maximum capacity: 700ml, practical capacity: 600ml

Size: 145 x 121 x 120 mm

Weight: approx 400g

Material: heat resistant glass server and lid, sealant attached to the lid is silicone rubber


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