Lounge Blend 1KG


250g freshly roasted coffee

Cup: very smooth, heavy bodied coffee with low acidity, mellow taste, featuring tobacco, almond notes

Coffees: Indian Monsoon Malabar and Indonesia Toraja

Growing Altitude: 1,000-1,600  m.a.s.l.

Preparation: Monsooned – Indian, semi washed – Indonesian

Tip: makes a really good, well balanced espresso, popular with both novice and seasoned coffee lovers. This blend is the perfect partner for milk, all its characters are cutting through the heaviness of milk. Must try as a cappuccino/latte, you’ll love it.



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This blend was originally created to be used in our café – Café Lounge, hence it got the name – as espresso and espresso based drinks. We were looking for green coffee with very low acidity, a coffee which can be roasted light and still have big body, a coffee with a character which would be the perfect base for cappuccinos and lattes. We managed to find the coffees and this blend has become our most popular coffee. It even won a 2 star in Great Taste award in 2016.

This blend is based a special aged coffee: Indian Monsoon Malabar with a small amount of the semi washed Indonesian coffee. The ageing process is reproducing the conditions of the long see voyages before the time of modern shipping. This process is changing the character of the coffee – its acidity is basically zero, its body is deepened with tobacco, almond taste notes. In order to lift up the taste of the monsooned coffee a similar heavy bodied coffee with low acidity is added, the Indonesian coffee.

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Wholebean / Grinding Option:

Wholebean, Ground for Cafetiere, Ground for Filter, Ground for Espresso


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