Rhino Pro Milk Pitcher

15.00 incl. VAT

12 oz stainless steel

Professional milk pitcher to steam milk. This size is perfect for 1 cappuccino / flat white / latte.

Etched volume lines (shown in oz & ml) help you to use just the right amount of milk.

Precision latte art spout.

Suitable for commercial and domestic use.

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Creating the perfect steamed milk for your cappuccino or flat white is a skill. Skill is not enough, you need the right gear to be able to do it right.

With this professional grade milk pitcher texturing the milk is much easier.

How to use:

  • Fill the pitcher with cold milk up to 1/3 - 1/2
  • Place the tip of the steamer just under the surface of the milk and start the steamer.
  • Keep the steamer off the center of the pitcher to make the milk move around evenly.
  • Check the temperature with keeping your palm on the side of the pitcher.
  • When it's uncomfortable to touch, the milk has reached the desired temperature. Stop the steamer.
  • If you heat it over 75-80 celsius, the milk will be burned, there will be dry foam on the top with big bubbles.
  • Clean the surface of the steamer and purge it (open it for a second to blow out the milk from the tube)
  • Pour the milk in your cup containing the espresso.


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