Syphone coffee maker

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Spectacular coffee maker. It makes perfect coffee (1-3 cups) every time.

The water is always at the right temperature, the coffee is never burned.

The principal of its working is that the pressure of the lower chamber is increasing while the burner is lit. This pressure is pushing up the hot water to the upper chamber where it gets mixed with the ground coffee. When the burner is removed the lower chamber is cooling down and the pressure inside is decreasing, sucking back the liquid from the upper chamber. The ground coffee is filtered and stays in the upper chamber. The perfectly brewed, clean coffee is collected in the lower chamber. Just remove the top, and the coffee is ready to be poured to your cup.

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How to use:

  • Place the cotton filter into the upper chamber and secure it with attaching the hook on the bottom of the tube
  • Pour water into the lower chamber using the measures on the side (you can use hot water to speed up the brewing process)
  • Light the burner (use methylated spirit as fuel, it’s clean and odourless), and place it under the lower chamber
  • Put about 7g (1 spoon) fine ground coffee / cup in the upper chamber
  • Place the upper chamber onto the lower chamber.
  • Wait for all the water to be pushed up the upper chamber (you’ll see bubbles int the upper chamber)
  • You can stir the coffee to makes sure the ground coffee is perfectly mixed with the water.
  • Wait about 15 seconds, then remove the burner.
  • When all the brewed coffee is sucked back to the lower chamber remove the upper chamber
  • The coffee can be poured directly into your cup


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