Wholesale Coffee Suppliers

Great coffee makes people happy. Our range of customers varies from hospitality businesses to offices, shops, consultancies, private labels etc., basically everywhere where people drink coffee.
We put in a lot of effort of sourcing high quality green coffee, roasting it with great care, and delivering it to you quickly, so you don’t have to worry about it.
There is no contract when you choose us as your supplier. Your business is valued and we will prove at every delivery that you made the right choice.

We supply freshly roasted coffee to Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK and the EU.


More and more businesses are discovering the power of good coffee. Customer expectation towards coffee is raising constantly. As the price of coffee varies only a few cents, many people feel offended when asked to pay similar price for a coffee that is hardly enjoyable.
It is often the coffee your customers finish their meals with. They had fantastic food, but they leave your restaurant with the taste of your coffee in their mouth. Please don’t let that taste to be bad, don’t let bad coffee ruining your menu.
Serving good coffee doesn’t cost the Earth, doesn’t need massive effort.
We help you choosing the right equipment, setting up your grinder and espresso machine, train your staff in your premises, teach you how to keep your equipment in tip-top condition, helping you develop your coffee menu and be there for you should you need any advice regarding to coffee.
We are here to help you serving great coffee with minimum effort, creating loyal customer base and ultimately increase your coffee sales and your profit.

Offices, Shops, Schools and more

One of the easiest way to reward your employees, co-workers, customers to offer them great coffee.
We can offer you coffee best suitable to your need, help you choosing the right equipment. With easy ordering, quick delivery, easy payment option, it will be no hassle to upgrade your coffee.

Private Label

You may already have a successful business or just started to build your own brand, we can offer custom made blends with your selected packaging. We will prepare your order with the same attention as our own brand and help you on the way to grow your brand. Nothing proves it better than one of our private label won the Best Organic Product in Ireland not so long ago.